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Friday December 19, 2014

Listing with the right RI real estate agent is among the most important decisions you will need to make when selling your property.  Some of you may be asking "Why do I need a real estate agent at all?"  Here are some points to remember in taking that all important first step in selling your property.

Advantages of Using a Realtor

  • Changing market conditions need to be considered when pricing your property.  There are many variants, which could affect a higher, or lower anticipated market price. 
  • Statistically, 40% of homes sell in the first month of listing your property, you need a solid marketing plan specifically targeted to achieve maximum exposure to potential buyers.
  • You need honest representation when you prepare your house to be viewed by potential buyers.  A good agent will work with you to help show your house at its best advantage for a timely sale.
  • Are the buyers viewing your home serious? Have they been pre-qualified? Is your home in the market price range that they can actually afford? You could waste valuable time and money or worse, you may have to start they whole process over if the buyers can't find financing.
  • Are you sure of the property's legal description? What will be included in the sale?  What do you have to disclose in the disclosure? Are there any easements or encroachments which could affect the value? 

These and many more questions will arise at the onset of your decision to sell your property.  Utilizing vast research tools and keeping abreast of current market trends help provide effective solutions in selling your property at the best price in the shortest time. When considering the advantages of using a Realtor as compared to not using an agent, or when questioning how to find a real estate agent, please feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns and your situation. We can help.

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Selling a House With a Real Estate Agent

The majority of home sellers take on the task with an ally: a Real Estate Agent. They feel that there are advantages to using a Realtor, and that it is better to entrust the sale of their biggest investment to a professional, rather than attempting to learn about selling a house in a trial and error method. In addition, many people would rather use a Real Estate Agent due to the complexities of modern Real Estate transactions since they usually incorporate legal and financial attributes, which takes them well beyond more simple transactions, such as the sale of an automobile.

Some of the other advantages of working with Agents that home sellers will list include: access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so that large numbers of buyers will have access to the seller's property, the fact that the Agent absorbs all of the cost of advertising and marketing, and the screening that will be done of potential buyers by Agents. In addition, the Agent handles the lion's share of the details of negotiation.

Deciding whether to use an Agent or not has a great deal to do with what you feel the level of your capabilities are. If you feel fully confident that you can handle all of the details, then you may well want to attempt selling your house on your own. If not, you most likely will want to use an Agent and leave the details to them.

So how do you choose an Agent who will be effective? What is important to know about an Agent to determine whether you feel they will do a good job? The following questions should be asked of any prospective Real Estate Agent in order to assess their capabilities and philosophies.

What to look for in a Real Estate Agent


  • A sense of professionalism.
  • A full time Agent who is committed to the profession (and who will be committed to getting your house sold!)
  • A familiarity with the area in which your home is located.
  • A familiarity with the price range in which your house will be listed.
  • Evidence of advertising and marketing ability.
  • References from previous sellers.

How to find a Real Estate Agent


  • Ask family, friends and co-workers about Agents they have used -- for selling a home, not buying -- to get positive (and negative) input.
  • Check your local newspapers and homes magazines. An Agent with a number of advertisements most likely has a fairly extensive marketing budget and experience. Be certain, though, that the Agent does not have too many listings to service the sale of your home effectively

Questions to ask a prospective Realtor


  • Are you a full time Agent? 
  • How long have you been in the Real Estate business? 
  • Are you an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) Member?
  • How familiar are you with the area where our home is located?
  • How many homes did you sell in this area in the last year?
  • Can you supply 3 names and addresses of recent clients for whom you sold a home that we can contact for reference purposes?
  • How did you arrive at the suggested listing price for our home?
  • What is your specific marketing plan for our house? 
  • How do you plan on keeping us informed of the progress of the sale of our home?


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