Top 9 Facts about Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the U.S., but it’s definitely one of the most prime places to be moving to right now. With a fantastic job market and increasing property value, Rhode Island may be a better choice over moving to a state with a high cost of living like California or New York.

Sure, Colorado is famous for its slopes (and weed), California for its celebrities (and weed), and Texas for its southern hospitality… but Rhode Island is up and coming.

This state is rich in history and isn’t overcrowded like some of the other coastal states!

Here are a few fun facts about this tiny – yet mighty – state which may convince you to start your search for a home in The Ocean State.

Never approved prohibition

While Rhode Island may be a smaller state, you can be sure that there is a ton of excitement to be had. Even back in the day, Rhode Islanders were always down to party. During the prohibition movement, Rhode Islanders didn’t fall for the false-temperance ideology people were spreading. Instead, they decided not to pass prohbition which kept alcohol legal in the tiny state.

You can be sure that this spirit of freedom and fun has endured over the years.

Providence is home to the world’s biggest bug

I know that this probably doesn’t sound particularly appealing at first, but I’m not referring to an actual species of bug (you’ll have to go to Australia or The Amazon to see the actual world’s biggest bugs). Providence is home to a big ol’ green bug statue that sits atop a pest control building.

The traditions around this quirky landmark include dressing him up for the holidays and feeding him an annual feast of woodchips.

The food is amazing

When it comes to New England, you can be sure that you’re going to find some good food. Not only is this region home to the infamous New England Clam Chowder, but there is plenty of other regional seafood delicacies to be found in “Little Rhody”.

Take a visit to Iggy’s Clams, and I’m sure you’ll be sold on moving to the tiniest state in the U.S.

You’re never too far from a beach

Rhode Island is called The Ocean State for a reason. Due to its proximity to the ocean and the fact that it’s a small state, you will never be more than an hour’s drive to some of the most gorgeous beaches in America.

It’s an environmentally friendly state!

When it comes to going green, Little Rhody is ahead of most of the U.S.

This state is known for its environmental efforts with its state-wide use of solar, wind, and tidal power. Considering Rhode Island is on the coast, of course, they’re going to harness the power of the ocean!

Great sports teams

If you’ve wanted to live in an area that is proud of their sports teams (or that has sports teams that actually win), you should definitley consider moving to Rhode Island.

They’re extremely proud of their Patriots!

Great schools

Plus, Rhode Island has some of the best schools in the state – both private and public. This includes college education as well!