Home Seller’s Corner

Welcome to the Home Sales RI Home Seller’s Corner! Here we talk about selling a home. We cover everything from making the decision to sell your property, setting your price, to preparing and showing the house and closing day. We also discuss some important issues regarding dealing with Realtors™ and offering warranties. There is some good information for those of you selling without a real estate agent to list the residence on the area multiple listing service (MLS). The Seller’s Checklist will guide you through most of the process. Of course, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

How Do I Sell My House?

We often get asked the question “How do I sell my house?” As with buying a home, selling your home is a complicated and challenging experience. We can assist you with working through the complexities, preparing the home for showing, provide guidance for negotiating a closing, and can provide a great many other services to you to assist in making the sale an easier proposition. Contact us for assistance!

House For Sale! Call Now!

We have provided here some insightful information and resources that can at least get you started in understanding the steps and processes that go into successfully selling your home or investment property. Whether you plan to market your house as a For Sale By Owner property, or want to contract with a listing agent, there is much that can make the process of selling a home easier. Please read the sections on preparing to sell your home, listing your home with a real estate agent, discussion and pointers for the process of dealing with buyers, and the all important issue of placing a value on your home and the understanding the Current Market Analysis provided by your RI Realtor.

Details and sample contracts, as well as examples of the process of selling a home can be had for free by registering on this site. Of course you should feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding selling your home, another house for sale, or listing your investment property for sale.