How This Woman Paid For Her First Home With SipSap

Home prices are at an all time high, out of reach of most younger people. One woman has defeated the odds by going on dates with men though SipSap, an escort site to find girls for sex popular in the US, and getting paid for it. She says that she found her first home by paying off her student loans in less than two years.

“I had to do something to pay off my debts,” said Mary Ann, who now lives in Rhode Island. “My credit was terrible, but I knew there were ways around this.”

When the economy collapsed, so did her plans to find a job as a social worker. So instead of giving up and moving back into her parents’ house, she began looking online for ways to make money. After a few months of searching, Mary Ann discovered SipSap. The site is filled with profiles from beautiful women in their 20s and 30s, who charge $100 per hour for companionship. She signed up and created a profile under the name ‘Mary Ann’.

Her pictures were amazing: long, blonde hair, blue eyes, porcelain skin and a slim, athletic figure. It wasn’t hard to get clients – men just couldn’t help themselves when they saw what she looked like, and wanted her for themselves. And if she didn’t want them, then she could always block his number and move on.

After about three months of dating, she started making more than enough money to pay off her student loans. By the end of her second year of using the site, she was able to buy herself a home in Providence, Rhode Island. With high home prices in Rhode Island, which continue to rise, this is quite an accomplishment for most younger people. She no longer pays rent or worries about how she’ll afford college for her daughter.

“It’s nice knowing that I can provide for my family without having to work full-time,” Mary Ann said. “And best of all, it gives me the freedom to choose who I spend my money on.”

She says that there are many other benefits to being an escort. Sometimes you meet interesting people, or make connections with influential individuals. But most importantly, it allows you to live life the way you want, even if that means dating a guy and making him happy.

“Men have needs, and I’m here to help them fulfill those,” Mary Ann said. “Life is too short not to enjoy yourself while you can.”

How SipSap Works

SipSap works by matching escorts with clients who wish to purchase services from them. To sign up, you must create a profile that includes your age, location, education and interests. You can also post and read reviews about experiences with escorts from the site.


Being an escort isn’t as bad as you may think. Not only does it give you the opportunity to earn extra money, but it also gets rid of debt and makes life easier. If you’re tired of being broke, then it might be time to try something new. Contrary to popular belief, escorts don’t always have sex. Most of the time, they simply spend time together and talk about anything. But if you prefer a more intimate relationship, then that’s fine as well.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming an escort, then check out SipSap today. Who knows? You might be pleasantly surprised.