How This Woman Paid For Her First Home With SipSap

Home prices are at an all time high, out of reach of most younger people. One woman has defeated the odds by going on dates with men though SipSap, an escort site to find girls for sex popular in the US, and getting paid for it. She says that she found her first home by paying off her student loans in less than two years.

“I had to do something to pay off my debts,” said Mary Ann, who now lives in Rhode Island. “My credit was terrible, but I knew there were ways around this.”

When the economy collapsed, so did her plans to find a job as a social worker. So instead of giving up and moving back into her parents’ house, she began looking online for ways to make money. After a few months of searching, Mary Ann discovered SipSap. The site is filled with profiles from beautiful women in their 20s and 30s, who charge $100 per hour for companionship. She signed up and created a profile under the name ‘Mary Ann’.

Her pictures were amazing: long, blonde hair, blue eyes, porcelain skin and a slim, athletic figure. It wasn’t hard to get clients – men just couldn’t help themselves when they saw what she looked like, and wanted her for themselves. And if she didn’t want them, then she could always block his number and move on.

After about three months of dating, she started making more than enough money to pay off her student loans. By the end of her second year of using the site, she was able to buy herself a home in Providence, Rhode Island. With high home prices in Rhode Island, which continue to rise, this is quite an accomplishment for most younger people. She no longer pays rent or worries about how she’ll afford college for her daughter.

“It’s nice knowing that I can provide for my family without having to work full-time,” Mary Ann said. “And best of all, it gives me the freedom to choose who I spend my money on.”

She says that there are many other benefits to being an escort. Sometimes you meet interesting people, or make connections with influential individuals. But most importantly, it allows you to live life the way you want, even if that means dating a guy and making him happy.

“Men have needs, and I’m here to help them fulfill those,” Mary Ann said. “Life is too short not to enjoy yourself while you can.”

How SipSap Works

SipSap works by matching escorts with clients who wish to purchase services from them. To sign up, you must create a profile that includes your age, location, education and interests. You can also post and read reviews about experiences with escorts from the site.


Being an escort isn’t as bad as you may think. Not only does it give you the opportunity to earn extra money, but it also gets rid of debt and makes life easier. If you’re tired of being broke, then it might be time to try something new. Contrary to popular belief, escorts don’t always have sex. Most of the time, they simply spend time together and talk about anything. But if you prefer a more intimate relationship, then that’s fine as well.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming an escort, then check out SipSap today. Who knows? You might be pleasantly surprised.

Buying A Home In The USA

Welcome to the International and Foreign National Home Buyer’s section of our website, where we discuss in clear but complete detail what you want and need to know about buying a home in Rhode Island and South Eastern Massachusetts if you are a FOREIGN NATIONAL before you start browsing the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for the homes available in your desired area. This site covers the New England area of the East Coast of the United States, particularly Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, where waterfront properties are available at highly competitive prices, given the current exchange rate of the US Dollar.

Some things are the same for any home buyer, but some issues are specific to buyers from foreign countries, especially as regards currency exchange rates, home values, comparative real estate market trends, credit, credit scores, and financing issues in general.

On this site, you will find everything from a Home Buyers Checklist to articles dealing with loans and financingcredit issuesbudgetsinspectionsreal estate listings, and more. You will also find topics of special consideration for foreign real estate buyers who wish to purchase real estate in the United States. We continuously update this site, so please check back often.

This section is dedicated to international real estate buyers who are foreign nationals, and to US citizens who have resided abroad for many years. There are some important considerations you must take into account if you are to purchase real estate in the United States of America.

Some of these considerations include establishing credit in the United States, credit score issues, the real estate market, and the process of purchasing real estate as a foreign national.

Understanding Exchange Rates

Again, this section is still being compiled, so check back frequently for new additions to the section. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us via telephone at 401-293-0631 to speak to Mandie Sullivan, herself a citizen of the United Kingdom, and our President, or use our contact form here.

There is a difference between working with a sellers agent and having your own representation with an exclusive home buyers agent. See our section on Buyers Agency, and our section on standard real estate agency.

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Rhode Island: The Ocean State

Relocating to the Rhode Island Waterfront?

Moving To Rhode Island? Welcome to Home Sales RI’s Rhode Island home page! Clear ocean waters, cool breezes and bright sunshine… Affordable Waterfront Property! Rhode Island Real Estate may be the answer to your dreams!

When most people think about Rhode Island, they think of the smallest state of the Union. The fact is, Rhode Island may be small, but it has a lot to offer. With a reputation of being a progressive yet cultural, eclectic or traditional, you can find it all. Having such a long coastline helps Rhode Island bring a quality of life that makes Rhode Islanders proud to be living in ‘The Ocean State’. After work is done their thoughts turn to long stretches of sandy beaches, clear ocean waters, cool breezes and bright sunshine. Providence Rhode Island is the capital and largest city in the great State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (also the longest name for the smallest state in the Union!) Newport Rhode Island, while much smaller than Providence, holds a dear place in our hearts, with the 19th Century Guilded Age mansions, sailing, museums, colonial churches, and the oldest synagogue in the United States.

Rhode Island Waterfront Property 

Regional Home Pages
Narragansett & South County
Newport County
Providence County
Bristol County
Kent County

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We are involved in Rhode Island real estate at several levels. We are RI Realtors, RI Mortgage Brokers, and Rhode Island real estate owners and investors, with properties in Newport Rhode Island and in Providence Rhode Island, as well as other locations in the Ocean State. We are very active in the Providence Rhode Island community, and in the Newport RI community. We can help you find the right Rhode Island home for your needs, whether a vacation home in the summer on the beach, or a family home due to relocation to Rhode Island from some other place.

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We specialize in real estate services for Washington County, which is the legal name for the area known as South County to local people, Newport County, Bristol County, Kent County and Providence County. South County includes Narragansett, South Kingstown, North Kingstown, Exeter, Westerly, Hopkinton, Richmond, Kingston, Wakefield, Wickford, Charlestown, West Greenwich and the adjacent areas. Newport County includes Newport, Middletown, Jamestown, Portsmouth, Tiverton, Little Compton and Prudence Island. Bristol County includes Bristol, Warren, Barrington, and the surrounding areas. And finally, Providence County includes Pawtucket, Providence, East Providence, North Providence, Cranston, Scituate, Smithfield, North Smithfield, Woonsocket, Johnston, Foster, Glocester, Burrilville, Lincoln, Central Falls, and all the areas within that region. Please visit the sections on these areas for details.

Rhode Island Waterfront Property

We offer Rhode Island home financing through our affiliate Personal Mortgage Brokers, and real estate services throughout Rhode Island, with extensive knowledge of the waterfront properties, single family homes, condominiums, multifamily homes, and commercial properties with more than 4 units. Visit our Financial Center and our Buyer’s Place or Seller’s Corner for more useful information. Visit our Relocation Center for abundant information useful to those relocating anywhere…

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States, located in New England; bounded by Massachusetts (N and E), the Atlantic Ocean (S), and Connecticut (W). Its official name is the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

Area, 1,214 sq mi (3,144 sq km).
 (2000) 1,048,319, a 4.5% increase since the 1990 census.
Capital and largest city,
Little Rhody.
State bird,
 Rhode Island red.
State flower,
 violet. State tree, red maple.  

Rhode Island is the smallest of the 50 states and except for New Jersey the most densely populated. The dominant physiographic feature of the state is the Narragansett basin, a shallow lowland area of Carboniferous sediments, extending into SE Massachusetts and, in Rhode Island, partly submerged as Narragansett Bay . The bay cuts inland c.30 mi (50 km) to Providence, where it receives the Blackstone River; it contains several islands, including Rhode Island (or Aquidneck), the largest (and the site of historic Newport); Conanicut Island, with the resort of Jamestown ; and Prudence Island.   Although more than half of Rhode Island is covered with forests, it is highly urbanized. Providence is the capital and the largest city; other important cities are Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket, and Newport . 

Rhode Island’s coast is lined with resorts noted for their swimming and boating facilities, and windswept Block Island is a favorite vacation spot. Narragansett Bay is famous for its sailboats and yachts. The America’s Cup yacht race has been held in Newport several times, beginning in 1930 and most recently in 1983. The state also has many historic attractions. Rhode Island’s traditional manufacturing economy has diversified and is now also based on services, trade (retail and wholesale), and finance. In spite of this, many of the products for which Rhode Island is famous are still being manufactured. These include jewelry, silverware, textiles, primary and fabricated metals, machinery, electrical equipment, and rubber and plastic items. Tourism is also important.  Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, Copyright (c) 2003.

Below is some general demographic data for Rhode Island… for more data, visit the US Census website for RI or visit the Federal Government’s Statistics page for trends and details.

Home Seller’s Corner

Welcome to the Home Sales RI Home Seller’s Corner! Here we talk about selling a home. We cover everything from making the decision to sell your property, setting your price, to preparing and showing the house and closing day. We also discuss some important issues regarding dealing with Realtors™ and offering warranties. There is some good information for those of you selling without a real estate agent to list the residence on the area multiple listing service (MLS). The Seller’s Checklist will guide you through most of the process. Of course, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

How Do I Sell My House?

We often get asked the question “How do I sell my house?” As with buying a home, selling your home is a complicated and challenging experience. We can assist you with working through the complexities, preparing the home for showing, provide guidance for negotiating a closing, and can provide a great many other services to you to assist in making the sale an easier proposition. Contact us for assistance!

House For Sale! Call Now!

We have provided here some insightful information and resources that can at least get you started in understanding the steps and processes that go into successfully selling your home or investment property. Whether you plan to market your house as a For Sale By Owner property, or want to contract with a listing agent, there is much that can make the process of selling a home easier. Please read the sections on preparing to sell your home, listing your home with a real estate agent, discussion and pointers for the process of dealing with buyers, and the all important issue of placing a value on your home and the understanding the Current Market Analysis provided by your RI Realtor.

Details and sample contracts, as well as examples of the process of selling a home can be had for free by registering on this site. Of course you should feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding selling your home, another house for sale, or listing your investment property for sale.

RI Real Estate Newport County

Buying or selling real estate in Newport County? Trying to find the Newport Rhode Island waterfront property of your dreams? Looking for a rental property or apartment in Newport, Middletown, Portsmouth? It is imperative that you have up to date information regarding the local and regional homes for sale, as well as current trends. We want to help you with your Newport County Rhode Island real estate listings, or as your buyers agent. Whether looking for homes for sale in Newport, Portsmouth, Jamestown, Tiverton, Little Compton, Prudence Island, or Middletown, you need confidence that your Rhode Island real estate professionals are presenting you with comprehensive research and accurate assessments.

View Our Featured Real Estate Listings!Search for RI Homes For Sale In Newport County To Find RI Homes For SaleLooking for waterfront homes for sale in RI? As your Newport, Middletown, Tiverton, Jamestown, Little Compton or Portsmouth Rhode Island real estate property consultants, holding both Realtor and Mortgage Broker Loan Officer certifications, we are committed to providing the highest level of real estate services. With knowledge of Rhode Island communitiesindustry centersschoolsamenitiesarts and culture, and with access to the multiple listing services RI real estate listings and MA real estate listings, and market data for all the areas we cover, and with many additional resources for each state, we will work with you to realize your real estate goals. 

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waterfront homes for sale ri Portsmouth Real Estate Listings Portsmouth Rhode Island Realtor Rental Property Apartments Homes For Sale in Portsmouth Rhode Island Multiple Listing Service MLS Mandie Sullivan Real Estate Agents Mortgages What’s your home is worth in today’s market! Newport County Jamestown Middletown Tiverton Little Compton Prudence Island portsmouth ri homes for sale Portsmouth rhode island real estate listings Portsmouth Realtor Mortgage Mandie Sullivan Portsmouth Rhode Island Multiple Listing Service MLS Realtors Portsmouth Real Estate Agents Realty Real Estate Investment

As your Newport County and Portsmouth Rhode Island Realtor, armed with experience, local statistics, regional trends and knowledge of opportunities, a comprehensive catalog of Newport County & Portsmouth homes for sale, our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to arrive at the correct solution for either buying your dream home or selling your house for best return on investment.  As an informed buyer or seller, you have the opportunity to make knowledgeable decisions about one of the most important investments of your life. Let us help you sell your house right, fast, and painlessly. Portsmouth RI Homes For Sale are our specialty!

RI Real Estate Bristol County

Bristol County Real Estate

Bristol County Rhode Island used to be a part of Massachusetts… Now Barrington has earned the title of one of the best places to live in the United States. So, are you looking for a waterfront home or selling real estate in Bristol County Rhode Island? For any home seller or buyer, it is imperative that you have up to date information regarding the local and regional homes for sale, as well as current trends. We want to help you with your Bristol County Rhode Island real estate listings. When you are looking for homes for sale in Bristol County, whether in Bristol, Warren or Barrington, you need confidence that your Rhode Island real estate professionals are presenting you with comprehensive research and accurate assessments.

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As your South County or Bristol Rhode Island real estate property consultants, holding both Realtor and Mortgage Broker Loan Officer certifications, we are committed to providing the highest level of real estate services. With knowledge of Bristol County, Bristol, Warren or Barrington, and Rhode Island in general, communitiesindustry centersschoolsamenitiesarts and culture, and with access to the multiple listing services Bristol County RI waterfront real estate listings, and market data for all the areas we cover, and with many additional resources for each state, we will work with you to realize your real estate goals.

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Homes For Sale Bristol RI Barrington Real Estate Listings Warren Rhode Island Realtor Bristol Homes For Sale in Barrington Rhode Island Multiple Listing Service MLS Mandie Sullivan Real Estate Agents Mortgages What’s your home is worth in today’s market! Homes for sale Barrington rhode island real estate listings Bristol Realtor Mortgage Mandie Sullivan Warren Rhode Island Multiple Listing Service MLS Realtors Bristol Real Estate Agents Realty Real Estate Investment

As your Bristol County & Bristol, Warren or Barrington Rhode Island Realtor, armed with experience, local statistics, regional trends and knowledge of opportunities, a comprehensive catalog of Bristol or Barrington homes for sale, as well as a diverse portfolio of mortgage lending programs, our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to help you arrive at the correct solution for either buying your dream home or selling your house for best return on investment.  As an informed buyer or seller, you have the opportunity to make knowledgeable decisions about one of the most important investments of your life. Let us help you sell your house right, fast, and painlessly.

Buyer Inspections

Why Inspect?

Depending on the type of financing you obtain, there should be either 2 or 3 distinct inspections on the home you want to purchase. First should be your own basic home inspection. Second should be a professional whole-house inspection by a reputable home inspector with experience in the area. If you are receiving a government backed FHA or VA loan, the third inspection should be performed at the time of the appraisal, which amounts to a mini-inspection. But please Do Not rely on the appraisal as the only inspection of the real estate!

Necessity of a comprehensive home inspection.

Many home purchasers, desiring to save the money that a good inspection costs, or due to simple ignorance, spend enormous sums of money repairing items that any good home inspector would have pointed out. Any offer to purchase a home that you make should be contingent upon a house inspection with a satisfactory report. Do not let anyone — not the selling agent, not your family, and especially not the home seller — keep you from getting the property thoroughly inspected! A professional home inspection can give you an escape hatch from a contract on a defective house. If the contract is written contingent upon an acceptable inspection result, you can insist that any defects in the home must be either repaired or monetarily compensated for by the seller. If you are not satisfied, or the seller refuses, you have included the option to cancel the contract and can legally back out of the home sale.

Home inspections are intended to reveal any defects in the property that could materially affect its safety, livability, or resale value. They are not intended to address cosmetic deficiencies. You need to determine on your own, and with the help of your Buyers Agent, those types of items that need attention.

Find a qualified and certified home inspector before you make an offer on a house. There will be a deadline in the contract determining when the inspection must be completed by, typically between 10 and 15 days. If you start looking to find an inspector then, and can’t find an acceptable Home Inspector to schedule it within that time, you will only have two choices: go with an inspector that is not your first choice, or run the risk of running past the deadline for the inspection which could void any chance having the seller take care of repairs.

Your Personal House Inspection

The purpose of your personal house inspection is to eliminate properties from consideration that have too many obvious deficiencies. It is not to take the place of a professional house inspection. If a house passes your initial tests you should schedule a second visit so you can spend an hour or so doing a more detailed inspection of the house.

The Personal Home Inspection: What to look for

  • Foundation: Are there obvious cracks or leak marks on the walls? Any apparent movement or settling of the foundation?
  • Roof: Does the roof appear new, old, or cant you tell? What is the overall condition? Are there bumps and uneven lines that look like sagging. Are shingles loose or missing?
  • Evidence of leaks: Check inside as well as outside. Check all ceilings and areas around windows.
  • Basement or crawlspace: Is there dampness? Is there adequate insulation? Always check crawl spaces for water.
  • Attic: How does the interior of the roof structure look? Do you see sawdust around on the floor of the attic? Where is the insulation located: floor, ceiling, both?
  • Quality and workmanship: In general and in especially in any later additions to the house
  • Apparent energy efficiency: Does the house appear tightly sealed? Do you detect any drafts near windows, etc.
  • Electrical: Any obvious malfunctions? Always ask what the Amperage of the electricity service is… generally 80 to 100 is good for an average sized single family home… 100 or more is best.
  • Plumbing: Any unusual noises or malfunctions? Always flush the toilets and turn on faucets… look for leaks.
  • Appliance condition: What is the age and condition of the stove, dishwasher, refrigerator (if included), etc.?
  • Heating/cooling system: Does it seem to do the job heating or cooling? Oil, Gas, Electric?
  • Exterior: Does the house need repairs or paint soon?
  • Lot: Does the drainage appear good — away from the house?
  • Lot: Are there any trees encroaching on the roof or foundation? 

Professional Home Inspectors

Questions to ask

  • What is the inspector’s experience? How many years have they been in the business and how many inspections do they do a year?
  • Exclusively home inspections? Beware the contractor who does house inspections on the side… this may be a sales pitch!
  • What type of report? Will it be written, oral or both? Will the report contain suggestions for remedying deficiencies? Will photographs be included?
  • How long will it take? Good home inspections take between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the size of the house.
  • What will be included in the inspection? See below.
  • What certifications do they have? Are they ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) certified?
  • Does the inspector have Errors and Omissions Insurance? This affords you some protection should there be an error or omission in the inspection… meaning the inspector missed something he should not have missed, and can be held responsible.

Your Buyers Agent should be able to recommend several qualified home inspectors who have worked in the area. We stress that they should have worked in the area due to climatic peculiarities that may commonly have effect on home structures in the region. Things like mold, termites, other pests, recent severe weather conditions, etc.

The Professional Home Inspection

A competent and professional inspection will include a minimum of the following

  • Foundation: Evaluates the structural integrity of the foundation. Is there evidence of cracks, movement, (settling or shifting) or moisture problems?
  • General Construction: Quality of the general construction: carpentry… does the house look like it will remain robust into the future, or is the house begriming to deteriorate structurally.
  • Exterior: Does the house in need of exterior repairs or maintenance?
  • Plumbing: Condition of the overall plumbing system. Any evidence of leaks or water pressure problems?
  • Electrical: Any dangerous electrical wiring situations exist? Are there code violations in the electrical system? Circuit breakers or fuse box clean and without issue?
  • Heating and Cooling Systems: Ages of the systems? Are the systems adequate for the size of the house? Have they been maintained properly?
  • Interior: Doors and windows open and close properly? Are floors firm and level?
  • Kitchen: Appliances functioning properly? Is the plumbing, including the dishwasher connection, in good repair?
  • Baths: Is the floor solid? Evidence of previous or current water leaks? Is the plumbing in good repair?
  • Attached structures: What is the condition of any attached structure (sheds, decks, garages, etc.)
  • Roof: Approximate age of the roof? Estimated remaining life of the roof? Condition of the roofing structure as well as the shingles?

Financial Center

Welcome to the Financing Center of Home Sales RI! Our Mortgage Brokerage, Landmark Mortgage Lenders Corp., currently holds licenses as Rhode Island mortgage brokers to assist home loan clients in Rhode Island, as well as Home Loans in MassachusettsConnecticut, and FloridaHome loans are handled through our affiliate, Personal Mortgage Brokers. We can also service Commercial Real Estate clients in many other states. We also help international clients interested in buying homes in the United States. As RI mortgage brokers, we offer full spectrum of home loan lending products, from home equity loans to new construction loans and other mortgages of the widest possible range to satisfy almost every client.

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There is a great deal of interesting and helpful mortgage information on this site for would be borrowers, and of course we offer personalized service and consulting on how to repair credit, get home equity loan financing for new purchases or for repairs or renovations, for new construction, and for investment properties. There are many options. We can help customize a lending program for your needs. But to better understand what is involved, we have provided some detailed discussions on a variety of topics including understanding interest rates, such as Prime, and how they effect mortgage rates, when to refinance the entire property or go for a home equity loan, all about PMI insurance, and much much more.

There is a good overview of mortgage types below
and on the
Costs Involved in getting financing.

Our home loans product line is as diverse as possible, being brokers rather than direct lenders, because we have a wide range of wholesale lenders to select from. some online lending web sites offer you four… we have many times that many. Personal Mortgage Brokers offer Fixed Rate loansAdjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)interest only loansbridge loansconstruction loansequity loans and lines of creditzero down financing, and more.

Feel free to contact us via email or call today to speak to your own personal financing consultant.

Mortgage Calculators

Welcome to the Home Sales RI Mortgage Calculators! How much can you afford to borrow? What will your payments be? Should you prepay the loan? Is it better to rent or to buy? How do three loans compare? What is the amortization schedule for my debt? These and other questions can be answered with some simple calculations using the mortgage calculator below. Use the set of mortgage calculators below to see what makes sense for you. Also, you might want to review the information throughout this site, particularly within the Personal Mortgage Brokers Financing Center, to get a good understanding of the various types of mortgages available, the upside and down side of each, and current interest rates.

Included Mortgage Rate Calculators:

  • Mortgage Rate Calculator
  • Amortization Calculator
  • PrePay Vs Invest
  • How Much Can I Afford
  • How Much Can I Borrow
  • Mortgage Payment Calculator
  • Rent vs Buy
  • Compare 3 Loans
  • Compare Savings with Consolidation Loan
  • Annuity Calculator
  • Down payment Calculator

Feel free to book mark this page and come back to use our Mortgage Rate Calculators when ever you want. That is why they are here. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Check out current market interest rates, and Pre-Qualify for a mortgage Now!

Buyer’s Place

Welcome to the Home Sales RI Home Buyer’s Place, where we discuss in clear but complete detail what you want and need to know about buying a home in Rhode Island and South Eastern Massachusetts BEFORE you start browsing the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for the homes available in your desired area. You will find everything from a Buyers Checklist to articles dealing with loans and financingcredit issuesbudgetsinspections, real estate listings, and more.

Homes For Sale  Real Estate Listings and Finding a Home: Buying a home is perhaps the largest single expenditure that a person makes in their lifetime. First time home buyers are often anxious about their home purchase. However, buying a home does not have to be the most stressful time. Knowing whether you are in a buyer’s market or a seller’s market can make all the difference in your offer to buy. How much can you afford to spend on your new home, and what are your financing options? What are you responsible for and what the seller? The multiple listing service has seemingly hundreds of houses for sale on the market in your price range! Knowing what to do helps. Working with the right financing partner, lawyer, and Realtor can make all the difference. Good planning, a clear understanding of your needs, and a guide who can help research houses for sale in your chosen price range and locale and otherwise clarify and negotiate this sometimes challenging home buying journey, will help you find and purchase the home you are looking for.

This section of the site provides some insightful resources for first time home buyers ( see first time buyers ) or the seasoned real estate investor who browses the multiple listing service every Sunday afternoon. From financial considerations and establishing a budget, to assigning a value to a house, dealing with or contracting a Realtor to help you find a house, this area of the web site to help those buying real estate. There is also important information about your relationship with a realtor as a home buyer, about Home Inspections, and much more.

Registered home buyers of this site have access to contract samples, detailed listings of gem houses, and more. Register for free today for complete access to these valuable resources.

Before you start looking at the Multiple Listing Service for the area, download the Home Buyers Checklist, which will help in your comparison between different properties. Then look at our real estate listings here.